Partouche Poker Tour: end of its story following tournament prize pool guarantee reduction

Patrick Partouche has hPPT ends its story over the prize pool reductioneld a press conference at the Casino Palm Beach in Cannes to personally face and response to the uprising from the players taking part at the PPT Main Event over the prize pool reduction.

PPT Organisers have reduced the price pool from the 5 million euros to €4.3m while the 580 players who entered the competition paying the €8.500 buy-in believed (because told) that prize pool would be €5 million guaranteed.

An angry Patrick Partouche has claimed he dedicated 40 years of his life, his family to gaming, to the PPT that is his passion. He continued saying he cannot hear people accusing organisers for not being honest:  The Partouche Poker Tour bears my name, that of my family. I will not accept, my staff will not accept, that people can say ‘Partouche are thieves’, ‘Partouche are cheats’. As a result, this week you attended the last edition of the Partouche Poker Tour.

The story reported early this week goes that PPT stated that there was no guaranteed of the 5 million euros whereas players have been promised that the prize pool would be 5 million regardless the number of entries. Several websites, including the Partouche Casino, have promoted the event with the €5 million guaranteed prize pool.

Once players have heard of the change, they were very upset and some of them started taking pictures of old caches from Google to show the websites where the guaranteed had been made.

Nitsche messaged on twitter saying that everyone who cashes-in at the end of the tournament should fill in a complaint with the DGCCRF (the French regulatory agency for poker) as what Partouche is doing is definitely illegal.

Although Patrick Partouche has announced the closure of the PPT, it seems he will be involved in the International Stadiums Poker Tour and said he would see players there next year.

The ISPT, which has had some difficulties in getting started, has claimed that their first event would be held at the Wembley Stadium in London in May 2013.

The Partouche Poker Tour is been able to bring significant field throughout its history and represent an important tour for the French poker movement. Although the reduction of the prize pook is not clear, the end of PPT would be a difficult one for the French poker scene and the European poker community.

The PPT ends on Sunday; by then we will have more information about the controversy.



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