Isaac Haxton is new Team PokerStars Online Pro

Isaac Haxton pokerstars poker pro team onlinePokerStars ha just revelad that Isaac Haxton is the newest menber of Team PokerStars Online and takes his place among remarkable members of  international poker, including Randy “nanonoko” Lew, Mickey “mement_mori” Peterson and Shane “shaniac” Schleger.

Commenting on his latest sponsorship deal, Haxton said: Honestly, I’ve been “pursuing” a sponsorship for years. I’ve entertained a lot of offers from a lot of different sites but there’s always been one reason or another that I’ve chosen not to take them. This team online deal finally brings me terms I like with a site I’m proud to endorse.

Isaac Haxton started his poker career when he was 18 years old, even though he showed great skills in other games, such as chess and Magic The Gethering, to a very high standard.

Haxton is from New York City who left the USA after the Black Friday in 2011 and repatriate to Malta to continue is brilliant career as online poker player.

Haxton made himself known as players with 2 second-place, showing to Ryan Daut in the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and in the WSOP’s 2009 “40th Anniversary” $40,000 buy-in tourney. The two placements made Haxton more than 4 million dollars and a feared at the cash tables as well as in big tournaments.

Said Haxton, regarding his signing, I want to make Supernova Elite in 2012 playing mostly heads-up Sit & Go’s. I also want to learn Pot Limit Omaha and play some heads-up No Limit Hold’em cash matches.



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