Is Zynga ready for real poker money?

Everybody hZynga real moneyas surely had the opportunity to read about Zynga’s interest to enter the real money poker sector to become the next PokerStars and maybe challenge its monopolistic power within the online poker sector.
Early this week Zynga announced they won’t be competing for the purchase of network Ongame, decision that make people thought Zynga is not actually ready to take the huge step into real money.
In fact Zynga has failed so far to hire a single executive with experience in the real money gaming, figure capable of leading the way that would be mandatory for them to enter on to the gambling industry.
Although Zynga provides poker games, the real money is a completely different business from playing for fun. Zynga does not have to worry about fraud or account for every chip and dollar in the system because chips have no cash value at all.
Zynga is not doing well in their core business either with growing competition and gamers falling months by month. Even its IPO has been all but a success, with stock trading at half of their IPO price.
However real money gaming in the US is a very good opportunity tempting every investor in the planet. The size and potential profitability of the market is so huge that every investor would find it interesting even amid the tough current economic situation.
Zynga is an opportunity but I would not expect the transition to be as smooth as many would like to think. Zynga has still to convert those poker players into real money players, hard task because they are two different kinds of players. Although they both like poker, one group does not like playing with real money nor has not money at all to play.
The truth is the conversion rate of number of people who convert to real money gaming after 90 day is a fraction of 1%.
Zynga has a very important point to capitalize on; they have a lot of knowledge about player habits and behaviour that most of real money poker rooms are still trying to understand but that does not mean they don’t have to work as hard as everyone else involved in the industry.



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