Playtech looking for new licences to face falling poker revenue

PlaytechPlaytech has released its financial result for the first 6 months of the year with an impressive performance that has been slightly overshadow by the poor performance of its poker network iPoker.

The online poker sector had been declining for the past few months and the company is looking at a real-money mobile platform and welcoming new skins wiling to join the network to boost revenue.

Early this week Everst Poker has announced is willing to join iPoker network. Everest Poker is shutting down its independent poker room and joining iPoker as their two poker rooms operating in France and internationally have lost about 40% of their Read More

Everest Poker to join iPoker Network

Everest Poker, the independent poker room, is about to join iPoker Network, the second largest poker rooms in online poker.

Everest Poker consists of two poker rooms, one licensed in Malta e the other one operating in France, and was one of the very few independent online poker rooms remaining in the industry. Apparently they will scrap its own software platform to move onto the iPoker Network.

In the last year both poker rooms have performed poorly, losing about 40% of their poker cash game traffic, mainly because they had to separate their French players from their rest of the world players, which resulted in two sparsely populated rooms instead of one with decent traffic.

Even though site had held its position as the third-largest in France, the sister has performed particularly badly and players slowly migrated to larger rooms where they could satisfy their need of Read More

Is Zynga ready for real poker money?

Everybody hZynga real moneyas surely had the opportunity to read about Zynga’s interest to enter the real money poker sector to become the next PokerStars and maybe challenge its monopolistic power within the online poker sector.
Early this week Zynga announced they won’t be competing for the purchase of network Ongame, decision that make people thought Zynga is not actually ready to take the huge step into real money.
In fact Zynga has failed so far to hire a single executive with experience in the real money gaming, figure capable of leading the way that would be mandatory for them to enter on to the gambling industry.
Although Zynga provides poker games, the real money is a completely different Read More

COPA, Recommended Amendments to California Online Poker Bill

Ryacopan Hightower who is the spokesman for COPA, the California Online Poker Association, formed by 60 California Tribal Governments and Card Clubs, has released a statement regarding the SB 1463.

COPA has presented to Senator Rod Wright a set of amendments to the bill aiming to ensure California receive its fair share of revenues and jobs from online poker rather than allowing them to be shipped out of the State.

The spokesman said California cannot afford to give up more than a thousand jobs and 1.4 billion dollars in new revenues over the next ten years by further delaying online poker legislation.

Delay simply for the sake of delay is not an option anymore and Read More

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